What Causes Mold Growth in Homes


In homes, mold is very prevalent, and it can grow anywhere.  One of the things that mold usually prefers is humid, damp and warm environments to the do the most growing.  This is why mold tends to develop and grow in bathrooms, kitchens, attics and other places that meet these criteria.  Mold can also grow in the cool parts of the home where condensation is constant, such as the basement.  Mold can have differing effects on people from respiratory illness to severe reaction that might require hospitalization.  If you find that you have a mold issue, get it sorted out quickly and professionally using a professional and certified mold remediation service for the best results.Visual Mold Damage

Before mold can effectively grow in your home, it does need some conditions to be met first.

First off, mold reproduces through a spore process.  When mold matures, it creates seeds or spores that are microscopic, but are very easy to shake from the original mold colony.  These spores exist all throughout nature and they are easy to bring into your home.  Once inside your home, they can grow if the other conditions are met, and they can spread quickly throughout the home.

Second, mold needs a food source to draw nutrients from.  Like any organic material, mold needs to feed.  Mold can feed on a variety of materials present in any home.  Wood, drywall, cotton clothing, dust, even your skin can become a source of nutrients for mold.  Regular cleaning can help alleviate the nutrients from mold’s use.017

Darkness and warmth are the next needs for mold growth.  This is why mold will tend to grow in locations of the house which has a steady temperature and darkness.  Ultraviolet light is not conducive for mold growth.  Tend to explore the basement of the home for mold and where it may be growing.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but mold also needs oxygen to live and thrive.  Mold is an organic being like you, and you need oxygen to live.  So does mold.  No organic life form can live in a vacuum devoid of oxygen, so if you can live in your home, then so can mold.

Finally, the last two conditions for mold to grow in the home are presence of moisture and time.  Mold likes to grow in humid and moist locations in the home.  This is why kitchens, bathrooms, and basements are prime locations for mold.  They offer the consistent presence of water that mold needs to feed on in addition to food sources.  The more humidity and moisture present, then the better chances there are for mold growth.

Mold also needs time to grow.  Left unchecked, mold can grow very quickly in the home.  Within two days, mold can begin to accumulate through the home, and within a week you will notice health issues.  Make sure that you care routinely checking and cleaning for mold to keep the issue in check.


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